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Century Tel #4 – Service Review

Here we go again:

(This one isn’t really that bad… its just a humorous waste of time.)

Note: I have a cell phone, and don’t have any use for a home line, but you need a phone line to have DSL, so here I am stuck with a phone line that Century Tel can Spam, and cell to Telemarketing companies… I don’t have Dish either, so all I use Century Tel for is Phone and 6.0 MB/sec High-Speed Internet.

I’ve had Century Tel DSL for just over a month at my new residence, and yesterday, I get a call from them letting me know that I can package all of my services… It would have been nice to have received that information when I first signed up, but you take what you can get with Century Tel.

Sweet, what can you tone down my ridiculously-priced services to?

Century Tel Representative: “I can package your High-Speed Internet and your phone together for $80/month. (and with the service charges, taxes, etc. it comes out to about $100/month.) Do you have the 1.5 MB/sec or 256 KB/sec?

Me: “Uh… I have 6.0 MB/sec High-Speed Internet… What would it cost for that speed?”

Century Tel Representative: “It says you can’t get more than 1.5MB/sec at your residence…”

Me: “A speed test just told me I’ve got 4.3 MB/sec which is usually what Century Tel gives when you pay for 6.0 MB/sec. Can you tell me what it would cost to package the 6.0 MB/sec?”

Century Tel Representative: “No, I don’t have the price for that.”

HAHA?!?! You called me to tell me you don’t know the price for the package you would sell me… Priceless.

-Thank you for wasting my time,
-Ashton Sanders

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(P.P.S. As of Today, if you Search Google For “Century Tel”, this blog comes up on the bottom of the first page! HA!)

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  1. hahaha, whenever I see one of your blogs on Century Tel I know I’m in for a good laugh 🙂


    Comment by Phoenix Dev — May 9, 2007 @ 6:36 pm

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