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Network Solutions Rant v2.3

Network Solutions continues to amaze me. I have a client who bought some very good domain names early in the domain rush, and she purchased them at Network Solutions for $35/year (as opposed to $9/year at or $6/year at

Can Network Solutions Get Worse?

I wanted to forward one of her domains to 301 redirect to another domain, and after a couple clicks I found that it costs $20/year to forward a domain… and if you didn’t know… that is normally provided for free.

But Network Solutions Can’t get worse than that… Can they?

Yes they can. If you buy a domain at Godaddy, you get 100 email accounts free (or something ridiculous like that). If you want to get email with your Network Solutions domain, it costs $1.34/month for each email account… If you actually ended up using 100 email accounts with Network Solutions, they would charge you $134/month! That’s $1608/year for what you normally get for free at any other registrar…

-If you use network solutions, you obviously haven’t opened your eyes.
-Ashton Sanders

(P.S. If you are someone who actually likes Network Solutions, please shoot me a message with why that is. If you don’t exist, I wouldn’t be surprised.)

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  1. My experience with Network Solutions is also quite bad. I have over 30 domain names registered, mostly with Godaddy, a few with HostGator, and a few with Network Solutions. When the renewals came up with Network Solutions I was amazed to see they wanted $37 per renewal! (they were $9 originally) A ridiculous amount for domain registration, so I had planned to transfer to godaddy. These were domain names for a side project that may never get off the ground and the first I had ever tried to transfer so I wasn’t aware of the 7 days buffer needed before expiration. Found out I couldn’t transfer to godaddy until about a month after the expiration (and they would be up for grabs at that unknown time) unless I renewed with network solutions. Not only was network solutions asking $37 per renewal, they now also wanted a $25 reinstatement fee per domain! This is just a couple of days after expiration. Unbelievable! I decided I would stand on principle and wouldn’t pay; I would take my chances and check regularly and re-register with Godaddy if I could. Then I received notice (a threat really) from Network Solutions implying that they would not be freeing up my domains but would transfer them to some third party/agent (scalper?). Meaning that I couldn’t re-register them no matter how vigilant I was. This is truly scummy behavior for a business. I couldn’t be more emphatic about this: DO NOT REGISTER DOMAINS WITH NETWORK SOLUTIONS!!! No matter their initial price. They are bottom feeding manipulators and scalpers. They will get you one way or another if you register with them.

    Comment by Ted Pennington — March 4, 2012 @ 3:59 pm

  2. Network Solutions is engaging in extortion with the $25 reinstatement fee and knows it. I got mine refunded without any questions or explanations. However, that took getting through a huge customer service runaround, including two people lying and saying it was impossible to connect me with the “executive office” that makes refund decisions. The company clearly will refund the indefensible charge to anyone who makes it through their minefield. So here is to skip their lies and runarounds: A direct contact for their “Executive Support Office” is Tracy Lillis, 570-708-8700 ext 9125.

    Comment by jr — June 24, 2012 @ 3:53 pm

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