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CenturyLink Support Still Sucks

It has been years since I have called CenturyLink (used to be CenturyTel), and their support still sucks. Either that or I must have the worst luck.

I’ve been paying for 6 MB/s for 4 years, but have only been getting 3 MB/s because I’m in a small town. Recently it’s dropped to 1.5MB/s.

I called their support to see what they can do. After a couple minutes of navigating to the “Having trouble with your High-Speed Internet Service” section, I reached a man:

“Hi, this is Stacey. How can I help you?”
“Hi, this is Ashton, and my Internet has slowed down. The number on account is ###.###.####” 😉
“Thank you. Please hold.”

After 30 seconds of hold music, I then heard a new phone navigation:

“Please press 1 for phone support. Please press 2 for Internet support.”

After navigating through that, I ended up with a nice lady who said she was part of the Toshiba(!?) Technical support staff… who ended up transferring me back to CenturyLink… Fantastic.

I still am getting 1/4 the Internet speed I’m paying for.


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