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By: Ashton Sanders

Dell Synergistic Give Away

Nov 6 2008

Ah ha! I have finally won something! Last month, Dell had a silly crossword-type game where once a day you can get entered into a drawing for some large prizes, and every time you enter, you also get a chance to win instant prizes. I’ve never won anything and didn’t think I would win something, but there’s always a small chance.

And Voila! I won a computer mouse! Yea, I know, it’s just a mouse, and I thought it was going to end up being one of those crappy, corded dell mouses (mice?) that you get when you buy a desktop from them.

Then today, I got a suspiciously marked package…

Dell Instant Prize

It took me a couple seconds to find the “Dell” and then figure out it was my long awaited prize!

Logitech has always been a big favorite of mine, ever since my Logitech mouse died after 2 years, and they replaced it for free. And this mouse is just as awesome as I’d expect from Logitech!

Here’s a picture of the mouse:
Dell Instant Prize
This is a compact wireless laser mouse. As you can see it’s red, but the coolest part about it is that small little black/silver thing in the plastic. That is a USB wireless adapter to connect a computer to the mouse wirelessly. The reason that is so cool is because the USB plug is 3 times as large as the actual adapter.

I gave this sweet mouse to my wife as a late Valentines Day Present, she plugged the USB adapter into her computer, turned on her mouse and it worked perfectly. Plug-n-Play for the win!

If only Logitech had an affiliate program, I’d never stop raving about them 😉
-Ashton Sanders

By: Ashton Sanders

PhotoShop 7.0 Error

Apr 25 2007

About a year ago, I ran into a fatal error with my PhotoShop 7.0, and I could not figure out how to fix it.

Whenever I opened my Photoshop, I got this error:

“Unable to continue because of a hardware or system error. Sorry but this error is unrecoverable.”

And the program would just shut down. I couldn’t even open it. For the life of me I couldn’t figure out the problem. Finally, after almost a year of checking for solutions, I found a solution!

The problem is that PhotoShop 7.0 can’t handle more that about 1000 Fonts! Why that would cause the entire program to crash and burn… who knows. I hope they fixed up the newer versions so I don’t have to worry about that. (I have over 5000 fonts.) So because of this stupid Error: “Unable to continue because of a hardware or system error. Sorry but this error is unrecoverable.” I had to delete 4000 fonts off of my machine. (Of course I have a back up, but still…)

Now that I have my PhotoShop Operational again, I’m going to be spending a lot of time learning all the tricks of this “awesome” program. Any designer I talk to says that PhotoShop is the best, period. But from what I’ve seen so far, it’s got a lot of annoyances that Fireworks has already streamlined. (Yes, I realize that my PhotoShop is five years old, and I’m taking that into consideration.) But I should be putting together a Product Comparison between Adobe PhotoShop and Macromedia FireWorks. That will probably end up being 3 or 4 posts.

-“Unable to continue because of a hardware or system error. Sorry but this error is unrecoverable.”
-Ashton Sanders

By: Ashton Sanders

The Laptop Arrives

Mar 21 2007

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A normal brown cardboard box arrived at my house. Thankfully, it was much more than a normal brown cardboard box, for inside this box was a beautiful and expensive piece of machinery: My HP 17″ wide screen laptop computer!

It has arrived!!

Websites in a Flash now has four beautiful computers in it’s computer fleet, three of which are laptop computers. I use three of them, and my Executive Assistant uses the fourth.

Here is my ever-expanding Computer Fleet:
Websites in a Flash Computer Fleet!

Websites in a Flash Fleet Description:

My Brand New HP Laptop (right):
This HP laptop will become my primary processing machine as soon as I get a laptop bag for it, and have some time to transfer over my programs and files. This is the most powerful machine in my fleet.

Websites in a Flash's Most Powerful Website Design Weapon
17″ Wide Screen
Whole Keypad (including number pad)
1.6 Dual AMD Turion Processors,
1 Gig of Ram
100 Gig Hard Drive
DVD RW Dual Layer LightScribe
Built in Mic/Webcam
256MB Radion Card
Windows XP Media Center

My Desktop (center):
This is a custom built computer that I built for Websites in a Flash. I just got this 19 inch flat-panel monitor. (I usually have it hooked up to my other 19 inch monitor, but I couldn’t fit it into the picture.) This computer was built in December of 2004, and it’s one smooth, reliable computer. I never have a problem with it, and it never lags when I have 20+ programs open.

Dual 19″ Monitors
3200+ AMD 64
1 Gig of Ram
128MB Radion Video Card
XP Pro
Logitech Wireless Keyboard/Mouse MX3200 (547169 Key presses in 30 days)
Logitech Headset

My Old HP Laptop (left):
This computer has never let me down. It’s been there for the highs and lows, and I’ve never had a problem with it. (Don’t tell anyone, but it’s at least 5 years old.) You can tell from it’s stats that it’s been a while since it was top of the line, but it’s still pulling it’s fair share.

14 inch screen
2200+ AMD
XP Home
512 Ram
64 Shared

You may think that I am a big HP guy… but I’m not. It just so happens that the fourth computer I have (also a laptop) is a Compaq. (=] If you didn’t know, HP owns Compaq.) But seriously, I was planning on getting a Dell, until I found this screaming deal for a 17 inch HP. I’m one to never pass up a really good deal. =]

“Computers are Life”
-Ashton Sanders

By: Ashton Sanders

Ode to a Laptop

Mar 13 2007

Filed under: Computers

I bought my fourth computer today.

Those first two words there are quite an accomplishment by themselves. I am one of the thriftiest guys you’ll ever meet. I never buy soda or fries or chips when I eat out because they don’t have a large enough quench-to-cost ratio. Jack-in-the-box Jumbo Jacks (back when they were $1) used to carry a great quench-to-cost ration. I could drop three whole dollars and fill up.

Those last two words are also quite an an accomplishment, like any growing boy, I never could really get full. Even after growing up and not exercising as much, I still am a bottomless pit.

That was a very random tangent… but back to the laptop.

Growing up, my father knew how to put old school computers together, so I always had a started learning young. My brother, Geoffrey Sanders, and I put three computers together (straight from parts that we bought from the Los Angeles Computer Fair), and they all are still in use and fully operational! I’m very proud of that. Come to think of it, the computer I’m typing on was first put together three years ago 2004, and it’s still the fastest computer that I own! I have two laptops; 1 HP Pavilion and one Compaq Presario.

Probably three or four years ago, a good friend of mine got a SWEET HP laptop for C++ Programming, and I fell in love with it. It was a 17 inch wide screen laptop, and it was so wide, that it has the number pad on it!!! That is one of those luxuries that you just about never see on a laptop.

And for you computer nerds reading this, here are the specs:

1.6Ghz AMD Turion 64 Dual-Core Mobile Technology TL-50
1Gig ram (up to 2 gigs)
128 MB shared video card by Nvidia
100GB hard Drive (5400)
LightScribe 8x DVD +-RW Double Layer
17″ Widescreen (1440×9900, which is also the same pixel depth as my 19″ Desktop Monitor
10/100 Ethernet LAn + Wireless b/g
Web Cam and Mic
A million input/outputs includeing 4 USB and a firewire
XP Media Cente

All of that costs $777! Thank goodness for wholesalers! I can’t believe that price. I was about to get a Dell laptop that they were having a huge sale on for $700, and that had a 15.4 inch display!

I totally can’t wait for it to arrive. (I’m going to have three computers on my desk, and four monitors/displays. HA!)

Nothing like living it up in the digital world!
-Ashton Sanders


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