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By: Ashton Sanders

CenturyLink Support Still Sucks

May 19 2011

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It has been years since I have called CenturyLink (used to be CenturyTel), and their support still sucks. Either that or I must have the worst luck.

I’ve been paying for 6 MB/s for 4 years, but have only been getting 3 MB/s because I’m in a small town. Recently it’s dropped to 1.5MB/s.

I called their support to see what they can do. After a couple minutes of navigating to the “Having trouble with your High-Speed Internet Service” section, I reached a man:

“Hi, this is Stacey. How can I help you?”
“Hi, this is Ashton, and my Internet has slowed down. The number on account is ###.###.####” 😉
“Thank you. Please hold.”

After 30 seconds of hold music, I then heard a new phone navigation:

“Please press 1 for phone support. Please press 2 for Internet support.”

After navigating through that, I ended up with a nice lady who said she was part of the Toshiba(!?) Technical support staff… who ended up transferring me back to CenturyLink… Fantastic.

I still am getting 1/4 the Internet speed I’m paying for.


By: Ashton Sanders

CenturyTel – Reliable Bad Customer Service

Jan 18 2008

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I have already written a number of posts on the few times I have had to contact the CenturyTel Customer Service. I am constantly amazed at how reliable the Century Customer Service is as being HORRIBLE!

I thought I may have just gotten very lucky the first two times I had to call CenturyTel when I got the biggest idiots possible, but No! It was more than luck. Every time I have had to contact Century Tel Customer Service, I get very stupid people who do very stupid things.

Take today for example:

Last month I ordered a Static IP Address so my IP wouldn’t change. Before I ordered the Static IP, my IP changed about 2-3 times a month.

During the 1 month since I ordered the Static IP, my IP changed twice. (Three times if you include the Static IP order “going into effect.”)

So I call them up to get this fixed and get a credit on my month of not having the Static IP that I ordered.

I called the Customer Service, and told the lady my problem. She said, “I don’t get what you’re talking about, and you will need to speak with technical support to get it credited.”

So she transferred me over there. After another 3 minutes on hold, I’m told that they don’t have access to credit the account and I would need to talk to Customer Service… which just happens to be the same people who sent me here in the first place.

To make a long story short, he started asking me about what kind of routers I use even though my external IP address has nothing to do with my internal network.

After 26 minutes (17 of which were on hold and writing this post), I have been credited for not having a static IP, and I have been assured that I will have a static IP from now on.

I’m sure you’ll hear more from the endlessly epic, “Reliable Bad Customer Service!”
-Ashton Sanders

By: Ashton Sanders

Century Tel #4 – Service Review

May 5 2007

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Here we go again:

(This one isn’t really that bad… its just a humorous waste of time.)

Note: I have a cell phone, and don’t have any use for a home line, but you need a phone line to have DSL, so here I am stuck with a phone line that Century Tel can Spam, and cell to Telemarketing companies… I don’t have Dish either, so all I use Century Tel for is Phone and 6.0 MB/sec High-Speed Internet.

I’ve had Century Tel DSL for just over a month at my new residence, and yesterday, I get a call from them letting me know that I can package all of my services… It would have been nice to have received that information when I first signed up, but you take what you can get with Century Tel.

Sweet, what can you tone down my ridiculously-priced services to?

Century Tel Representative: “I can package your High-Speed Internet and your phone together for $80/month. (and with the service charges, taxes, etc. it comes out to about $100/month.) Do you have the 1.5 MB/sec or 256 KB/sec?

Me: “Uh… I have 6.0 MB/sec High-Speed Internet… What would it cost for that speed?”

Century Tel Representative: “It says you can’t get more than 1.5MB/sec at your residence…”

Me: “A speed test just told me I’ve got 4.3 MB/sec which is usually what Century Tel gives when you pay for 6.0 MB/sec. Can you tell me what it would cost to package the 6.0 MB/sec?”

Century Tel Representative: “No, I don’t have the price for that.”

HAHA?!?! You called me to tell me you don’t know the price for the package you would sell me… Priceless.

-Thank you for wasting my time,
-Ashton Sanders

(P.S. Click to view all posts on Century Tel.)

(P.P.S. As of Today, if you Search Google For “Century Tel”, this blog comes up on the bottom of the first page! HA!)

By: Ashton Sanders

Service Review – Century Tel #3

Apr 20 2007

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Century Tel does it again! Yes, if you have ever had Century Tel for an Internet Provider, or have read either one of these posts: Century Tel #1 or Century Tel #2, than you know how low quality Century Tel really is.

At the end of my last Service Review about Century Tel, I finally got disconnected from them, and got Bresnan (for twice the speed and half the price). Unfortunately, I have moved to a ranch in the country, and the ONLY high-speed Internet connection available is… you guessed it… Century Tel. I put off calling them for as long as possible… but the time came, and I had to reconnect to them.

The First Call

I dialed their number as I was desperately searching the internet for another provider. A representative answered the phone with their “My goal is to provide you excellent customer service for your communication needs…” or something like that. I gave them my address for my new house and asked what kind of high-speed internet I could get out there. She said I could get 6MB/sec. Hey, that’s not to bad, considering I live in Polson, Montana. (Although I get currently get 8MB/sec with Bresnan.)

Right then I found Quest, who seems to have a sweet deal on DSL Internet, so I tell the Century Tel rep that I’ll call them back if I can’t find a better deal. Unfortunately I do have to call them back because quest doesn’t give service to my area.

The Second Call

I call Century Tel back. This time the rep says I can only get 3Mb/sec…. “WHAT?!?! I just called in and they said I could get 6Mb/sec!”

The Century Tel rep said, “Really? On this address? You had them check this address?… Hmm… let me check… Oh yea look here you can get 6Mb/sec.”

Are you serious? Then why did you tell me I could only get 3Mb/sec? I can’t see your screen, it’s your job to be a representative of Century Tel. But hey, it could be worse… at least I was lucky enough that time. If she was dumb enough to miss that one, maybe I could get an even faster connection… “Can I get the 10Mb/sec?”

“Yes, you can.”

I had two reactions to this last statement: 1) AAAAHH!!!! Why won’t you just tell me what I have available?! It’s not my job to quiz you on all of the different options I have, It’s yours! 2) Sweet! 10Mb/sec. I finally have a justification to using Century Tel over all of the other companies who don’t suck.

Century Tel Does It Again (Third Call)

I get a call from Century Tel two days later saying that everything has been set up and I can now use my Internet. So I move into my new house, and try to set up the Internet, and surprise, surprise, the Internet doesn’t work. I call into their help center, after doing a system and modem reboot. I get a guy who has be reboot my modem a couple more times before telling me that I should just wait a couple more days and then try it again…

Thank you for that suggestion, but I do websites. I only work on the Internet. I can’t just wait a couple more days. You said it would be up today, and then called me to tell me that it was all set up, and now you tell me to just wait.

The Fourth Call

I try fiddling with my set up to get it to work for a couple hours to no avail, so I call Century Tel again to see if I could get an intelligent rep. As luck would have it, I get a lady who immediately fixes my problem with a quick username/password. Thank you! I love when bad service gets lucky. My Internet works, and I have 5Mb/sec! It’s too good to be true…… literally…

The Fifth Call

This morning dawns on three computers without internet. I check all of the connections, the power, all of the lights are on. I reboot everything and make sure the username/password is in place. I didn’t change anything from last night, so why is it broken? I have to call them again.

I get another guy who has no idea what’s happening. He has me do the same things over and over, and nothing is working. After a half hour, it finally starts working but I’ve got 4Mb/sec and it’s getting slower.

Whatever. At least I have Internet, and I can get to work.

Century Tel at it’s Finest

At about 3:00 in the afternoon, a Century Tel truck pulls up, and a guy fiddles with my wires. He tells me that they dropped me down to 1.5Mb/second because the 6Mb/sec was acting up, and giving them problems… And sure enough, here I am stuck with 1.5Mb/sec.


There really is nothing quite like being promised one thing and given another, and on top of that, having customer service reps who have no idea how to read. Century Tel promised me 10Mb/sec and here I am four days, and five phone calls later, with 1.5Mb/second.

I better get a discount on my ridiculously priced service, or yet another Service Review about Century Tel will be coming along soon.

-“Oh, the Importance of Quality Customer Service.”
-Ashton Sanders

By: Ashton Sanders

Service Review #2 – Century Tel

Mar 20 2007

Filed under: Century Tel,Review

WiaF MascotIf you haven’t read my first rant about Century Tel, Click Here to Read it.

Disconnection from Century Tel!

Yes! It’s March 20th! It’s been exactly 1 year since we first signed up for Century Tel. I signed up for one year of service, and it couldn’t have been over quick enough. But now it is. Unfortunately, my account won’t just automatically cancel. I have to call them again….. Here is the blow by blow of what happened:

I have two numbers in my phone, and I didn’t know which one to call. I called the first one, which happened to be the wrong number. So after three minutes of pressing buttons, the tech support couldn’t transfer me. But he did confirm that the other number I had in my cell was the correct one.

Try #2: I call the second number. After another three minutes of hitting buttons, I get to another tech support guy who can’t help me…. But this one can transfer me. So I get transfered and wait a bit. I get a lady who asks for all of my information again. I tell her I’m canceling my account, and she has me wait I’ve been on hold for 10 minutes. Finally she gets me disconnected.

And it looks like… I could have canceled my account a couple months ago… But that’s the special thing about Century Tel, everyone you talk to has a different idea of how it works.

Now I just cross my fingers and hope that I don’t have to ever talk to them again…
-Ashton Sanders

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