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By: Ashton Sanders

Google Adwords PPC Bids to be #1?

May 23 2009

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This is a great trick to find out the exact price people are bidding to be #1-3 at Google Adwords PPC.

Google Adwords (Pay Per Click) is a very easy way to market your website. You choose the keywords and how much you are willing to pay for each click. Then Google takes your bids and all the other people bidding on that keyword and organizes them with the highest bidder on top. A day or so after you have submitted your first bid, Google will tell you if you need to increase it to get onto the first page. But what if you want to know what it takes to be in the 1st, 2nd or 3rd spot in the Google Adwords (sponsored ads)?

Detecting the Google Adwords PPC Bid Price

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By: Ashton Sanders

CSS – Absolute Position Sidebar

May 15 2007

This is what I call CSS tip in 30 seconds:

It is very useful to be able to put your navigation bar or side bar at the bottom of your HTML, and absolute position it to appear up on your site where you want it to go. This is actually pretty easy.

If you just want it to be along the left side of your screen and lets say 100 pixels from the top (for your header), this would be your code:

#leftnav {
left: 0;

If you want your navigation bar to go along the right, obviously you would replace “left” with “right”.

Here is where it can get complicated: What if your layout is a fixed width, centered layout? Then you cant just align the navigation bar off to one side, because that would not stay inside of your layout, it would jump all the way off to the side. Here’s what you would do for a 1000 pixel width and centered website layout:

#leftnav {
right: 50%;
margin-right: -500px;

Quick Explanation: “right:50%” causes the right side of your navigation bar to be exactly in the middle of your screen. It doesn’t matter what size screen you have, it will always be right in the middle. Then the “margin-right:-500px” moves the entire navigation bar 500 pixels to the right. So in essence, the navigation bar will always be 500 pixels to the right of the exact middle of your browser! That way it looks permanent, and won’t move as you shrink your screen.

Another Note: If your navigation bar is going to the left side of your screen, here is another option: If you leave the side bar or navigation bar without the absolute positioning, and it appears directly below where you want it, then if you leave off the “right” or “left” in your CSS (leaving only “top:100px”) your navigation bar will move straight up to the top of the screen, and stay where you need it to be.

-CSS in a Flash!
-Ashton Sanders

By: Ashton Sanders

CSS – Float

May 12 2007

WiaF MascotTheir is magic in Cascading Style Sheets. (Some properties more than others, but still magic.) Float is one of those CSS properties that really fundamental for any developer trying to create layouts without any tables.

CSS – Float

There are three possible values for float: right, left and none. They are pretty self-explanatory, but here goes anyway:

Lets say you have a div that is 200px wide and 30px tall. Normally any content that comes after it would start at the bottom (30px bellow the top of the div.):

Here is the content that comes after the div.

If you float that same div to the right, all of the content that comes up after the div will show up on the left hand of the div (exactly like the content would come up next to a right-aligned picture):

Here is the content that comes after the div.

And vise versa if you float left:

Here is the content that comes after the div.

This is a very simple property, but you will use it in every CSS design you create. It is definitely a property you want to have ready to throw in to your CSS!

-CSS Everywhere!
-Ashton Sanders


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