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By: Ashton Sanders

Humor: “how many your webisite”

Aug 28 2009

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On my Free Website Quote page, I have a cool little AIM chat box that allows visitors to chat with my AOL Instant Messenger account.

Just a few minutes ago, I had the funniest conversation I’ve ever had over a chat program. Here’s the transcript:




Hi Sandy

how many your webisite
to build your web site

I’m sorry?
How much did it cost to build my website? (ie.

ADoes it cost for a web sites

I didn’t charge myself to build my website so I don’t know how much it cost.
Are you looking for a website?

how many

How many what?

just one

What kind of website are you looking for? Every website costs a different amount to make.

Ashton are you here

You want to sell Jewelry online?


So you’re looking for a fully e-commerce website with website design, development, shopping cart, security system, online merchant, etc.?

SandyIs there a phone number that I can called to


aimguest56199364 signed off

HAHAHA. I have no idea what just happened.
-Ashton Sanders

By: Ashton Sanders

Funny Support Request

May 19 2009

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I’m sure every support team has horribly funny stories of clients calling in (just like clients have horribly funny stories of calling the support team), and since I am the support team for a few small website, I thought I would share my latest humorous Client email:

I got an email from Keith saying:

Well Aston, I get red text, fields go blank and also my browser is firefox ,I just don’t understand. Any help would be helpful. Thanks Keith

Hi Keith,

Can you read what that red text says?

That text is an error, and will explain what is going wrong.

Let me know,
Ashton Sanders

Login details did not match try again. Oh… Thanks Keith

Haha… Good times at the help desk,
Ashton Sanders

By: Ashton Sanders

Internet Arguments

Jun 25 2008

Filed under: Humor

Here’s a great comic about Internet Arguments.

A little more humanity guys,
Ashton Sanders

By: Ashton Sanders

Funny Email Conversation

Sep 4 2007

Filed under: Life,Rant,Webmaster

Today, I had a very funny email conversation that I felt obliged to share with you. The conversation was with a man named Steve who was transferring four domains to me.

If you are not familiar with the process of transferring domains, I will elaborate. It really is a very simple process:

1. You ask your current registrar to unlock the domain, and to send you the authorization codes.
2. When you go to your new registrar and try to transfer the domain, it asks for your authorization codes. You type in the Authorization code, and the transfer begins.
3. Most Domain registrars require one final step, and that is a confirmation email. Your new registrar sends the admin contact for the domain an email saying: “Are you sure you want to transfer this domain?”

So to put it simply:

1. Get Authorization Code
2. Use Authorization Code and begin transfer.
3. Answer Confirmation Email saying that you would like to transfer your domain.

I’ve already transferred a number of domains from Steve last month, and about a week ago, he emailed me saying that I still had 8 domains to transfer.

I emailed him and asked for the authentication codes, and he sent them. Then I started the domain transfer, and my registrar emailed him the confirmation emails.

I emailed him after a couple of days and said:

Thank you for these authentication codes. I requested the transfer for these four. Did you receive the Four Confirmation email yet?

Apparently that was too complicated and he responded with:

I sent you what I got. Which 4 are you talking about?

… Was my email that complicated? Maybe it was, so I tried to make it as simple as possible:

Hi Steve,

Yes, you sent me the four authentication codes. Thank you for that.

I requested the four domains to be transferred. When I do that, it sends an email to the admin contact (you) to confirm the transfer. The email should be titled: “Transfer of *DOMAIN*.com” or whatever the name of the domain is. Have you received any emails that start with ‘Transfer’ in the last 2 weeks or so?

Thanks for your help,
Ashton Sanders

This is what I got back:

Okay, here you go… I hope these are the ones. I already sent them Friday at 8/31/2007 1:02 PM. Did you not get that email?

Attached: Four Domain Authentication Codes

Wow! It would make it much easier if you would read my emails. When I write something in an email, I write it so you can read it and have a better understanding of what I need. To make it as simple as possible, I contacted my domain registrar and had them send the confirmation email again. I withheld my aggravation as best I could, and emailed him back saying:

Hi Steve,

I just had my domain registrar send the confirmation email again.

The only domain we actually need is:

You should be getting that email soon,
Ashton Sanders

I guess that was too complicated… as he never responded.

-Ashton Sanders

By: Ashton Sanders

Web Comic

Aug 16 2007

Filed under: Humor

A friend showed this to me about a year ago, and I stumbled upon it, and must admit. The author of this comic is very very funny. He’s got a degree in Physics and he is well versed with Internet Lingo.

Current Favorite Comic:
#1 Programmer Excuse for Legitimately Slacking Off

-Ashton Sanders

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